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How To List Your Facebook Marketplace Item (FOR ALL OF OUR SUPPLIERS, US AND UK)

Once you are all set up with your Fbmfox extension you will be able to use all its features.

Please follow these steps in creating your first(new) listing in your Facebook marketplace account.

Research Part

  • Look for your first item under our list of suppliers
  • Run Fbmfox Research by clicking on the Fbmfox extension and click “Research Tab” 
  • Set your criteria (this is to see what products have a great number of sales and how many competitors are selling that product. Once criteria are established next time you can just click on the “Run Fbmfox Research” button on the same supplier’s page w/o going into the Fbmfox extension) unless you decide to change its criteria.
  • Once you have chosen an item, click on the “Save to Fbmfox ” button 

Listing Part (You have 3 options on how to list items using Fbmfox)

  1. You can click on the List Now
  2. Click on Fbmfox extension and choose “Go To Facebook” and click on the Lister tab, select your item from the dropdown menu, and hit on List Selected (If you have created a template, choose a template) 
  3. Last is you may select Go to Facebook and click on Fbmfox List Last Saved button.
  • Feel free to make all the necessary changes such as the title, price, category, and its descriptions, etc.
  • Always make sure that the title of your item under Facebook Marketplace is the same as what you have on your Fbmfox. Always check your information by refreshing the page of your Fbmfox account to avoid syncing issues for price tracking.
  • Under Facebook Tab Click “Next” and choose your preferred shipping method.
  • Click “Next”
  • Click “Publish”


  • Don’t forget to set your “Your MarkUp” and “Suppliers Link” to avoid syncing problems that may affect information for your “Suppliers Stock, Suppliers Price, Facebook Stock, and Price Tracking”
  • Allow our backend to sync all the data and wait for 1 to 3 hours for all details to be updated
  • We highly recommend using 1.5 or any amount more than 0 for “Your Markup” 

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