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FB Shops Order Management Using Fbmfox

This user guide will take you through the steps of managing orders from your Facebook Shop using Fbmfox, from placing the order to marking it as shipped.

This requires the Fbmfox Chrome Extension for specific steps.

Fbmfox provides many shortcuts to make order management easy. The tool also helps in keeping track of your orders instead of maintaining a separate spreadsheet. It’s important to remember the items must be processed and marked as shipped within your Shop’s established order handling / shipping timelines to receive payment from Facebook for completed orders.

Placing an Order #

Facebook Commerce Manager Steps #

  1. When notified of a new order on your Facebook Shop, navigate to Commerce Manager > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the Waiting to be shipped group.
  3. Click into the new order.
  4. Click the Copy to Fbmfox button – this will copy the info to the Fbmfox Orders module for review in a later step.
  5. Note the items and quantity purchased.
  6. Click the Visit Supplier button.

    This will launch a new tab in Chrome and take you directly to the Supplier Website for the product linked to this order.

Supplier Website Steps #

  1. Add the items ordered to your cart on your supplier’s site, as usual.
  2. Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Edit the shipping address.
  4. Click the Paste from FbmFox button

    Note: Your view of editing the address may differ depending on your Supplier; however, the function of the Paste from Fbmfox button is the same regardless of Supplier.
  5. Verify your shipping, payment method, delivery timeline, & place your order
  6. Access the order details on your supplier site and note the Order Number & Order Total

Fbmfox Steps #

  1. Access the Fbmfox Orders module
  2. Find the Pending order just copied into Fbmfox and click the Edit button
  3. Enter the Supplier Order Number & Supplier Cost and verify other data was transferred correctly from the Facebook Shops Order
  4. Change the Order Status from Pending to Tracking Number Pending
  5. Click the Save changes button

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Placing an Order using the Fbmfox tools.

Marking an Order as Shipped #

Preliminary Steps for Tracking Number Info #

  1. When notified from your supplier that an order has shipped, navigate to your Supplier Site to obtain the Shipping Method / Carrier and the Tracking Number for the order.
  2. If necessary, obtain a FedEx Tracking Number via the Fbmfox Tracking Numbers module
  3. Once you have a “Facebook-Friendly” Tracking Number, proceed to the next step

Facebook Commerce Manager Steps #

  1. Navigate to Commerce Manager > Orders > Orders.
  2. Search for the Customer’s name by typing part of the name in the Search Field and selecting the “Name is any of” option from the menu that appears.
    (You can also use Address or Order ID values, if preferred, as shown in the screenshot below.)

  3. You can EITHER click into the customer’s order OR use the dropdown to the right of the Create shipping label button as shown below.
  4. Click Mark as shipped in ONE of the two ways shown below:If you clicked into the order, click the button as shown.

    If you clicked the dropdown from the orders list, click the button as shown.
  5. Verify the items in the shipment and click Continue
  6. Select the appropriate Shipping Carrier from the dropdown

  7. Enter the corresponding tracking number
  8. Click Review Shipment
  9. Verify the information one last time and then click Mark as shipped

Fbmfox Steps #

  1. Access the Fbmfox Orders module.
  2. Filter your Orders by Tracking Number Pending.

  3. Enter the Customer’s Name in the Search Field and click the Search button.
  4. Click the Edit button on the appropriate order
  5. Change the Order Status from Tracking Number Pending to Shipped
  6. Click Save changes

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Marking an Order as Shipped using the Fbmfox tools.