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Connect Shops To FBMFOX

In this help article, we will be going over how to connect your Facebook Shop to your Fbmfox data feed.

1. Make sure your products in Fbmfox have a shop template applied.

2. Go to your Fbmfox account settings and copy your data feed URL link.


3. Go to your Facebook Shop backend and click Data Sources.


4. Click add items, then click add multiple items. You can also click “add new feed” if you see that button.


5. Select data feed and click next


6. Select Scheduled Feed, click next.


7. Paste in your data feed URL link, click next.


8. Select how often you want Facebook to check your data feed for updates.


9. Name your data source, then click upload.

That’s it, you finished setting up your Fbmfox data feed to your Facebook Shop. If you need more help please watch the video below.