Our 20% Affiliate Program

Earn 20% recurring commission from your referrals.

How does it work?


It's super simple to join!

Just create your account to join the best Foxlister tool team around.


Promote via your referral link

Share why you use Foxlister with your audience or customers.


20% commission per sale

Earn a lifetime recurring commission. Including renewals too!

How much can you get paid?


1 Referral

1 Referral

2 Referrals

3 Referrals

4 Referrals

5 Referrals

They order

1 Monthly Premium Lister (Basic)

1 Monthly Premium Lister (Silver)

1 Premium Lister (Platinum)

1 Premium Lister (Pro)

1 Premium Lister (Pro +)

1 Premium Lister (Pro ++)

You Earn

$9.80 / month

$13.80 / month

$39.60 / month

$89.40 / month

$160 / month

$375 / month

and more...

Your affiliate FAQs, answered.

1. What is Foxlister affiliate?

If you’ve loved using Foxlister and are proud of your business, and you want to share the Foxlister to your friends or audience, that makes you a Foxlister affiliate!

Why not use your influence or resourses to earn cash rewards?

2. How is the commission generated? How long does it take?

Our commission generation is unconfirmed commissions that are generated when a customer pays for a membership.

Unconfirmed commissions become confirmed commissions after 30 days.

3. How do I get paid?

We mainly use PayPal to pay commissions. (Non-PayPal areas will use other methods, such as payoneer, etc.)

4. When will I get paid?

We will pay all promoters a commission of over $25 on the 1st of each month.

5. How does link tracking work?

Cookies are used to track your referral links for 90 days after someone clicks on the link (which is reactivated each time a user clicks on the link again).

Cookies track activity even if someone leaves the page and comes back at a later time without clicking on the referral link again. All actions will be attributed to you, our affiliate.

6. How long do cookies last?

We use cookies to keep track of your referrals. Cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, those 90 days begin again.

7. Are there any rules I need to follow?

1. If you need to run a paid search advertising campaign to drive traffic, you cannot use Google Ads and you cannot bid on any of our brand terms - this includes any variations of "Foxlister". We will exclude commissions for doing so and will not receive commissions, only wasted advertising dollars.

2. During the promotion process, please make sure to use our promotion link, otherwise the website will miss to record your promotion effect and get the commission.

3. Commissions are not calculated if the client is on a free trial.

4. We hope that all promoters are sincere in their promotion and cannot cheat. If we find cheating behavior, we will stop cooperation and cancel commission immediately. Happy cooperation!

8. More Questions?

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